code poem

in 2012, Ishac Bertran initiated a project: "code {poems}". the end product was a lovely book in a limited edition of 100. you can read about this on the project's site.

there were rules. the maximum file size was 500 bytes. it had to actually run.

i submitted a "poem". it looks like this at the right. my poem is pretty different from most of the poems in the book. perhaps i missed the point.

the poem does run. you can run it by clicking the button below. however, there are some browser compatibilty issues. so i'm sorry if this doesn't work out for you.

there is one slight modification so that it fits on your screen.

ᐊ='ᐊ' ᐅ='ᐅ' ᐃ='ᐃ' ᐁ='ᐁ' ˉ ={'ˍ':eval,'ˉ':'parseInt(Math.random()*10)','ˍˍ':'document.write'} ˍ ={} ǂ=function(ー,ーー) { ǀ=ーー[ˉ[ー]++%4]; ǁ=ˍ[ーー[0]] for(ॱॱ=0;ॱॱ<ˉ[ǀ];ॱॱ++) {ˉ.ˍ(ˉ.ˍˍ+'("'+ー+'")')} } ˍ[ᐊ]=[ᐊ,ᐅ,ᐃ,ᐁ] ˍ[ᐅ]=[ᐅ,ᐃ,ᐁ,ᐊ] ˍ[ᐃ]=[ᐃ,ᐁ,ᐊ,ᐅ] ˍ[ᐁ]=[ᐁ,ᐊ,ᐅ,ᐃ] ˉ[ᐊ]=ˉ.ˍ(ˉ.ˉ) ˉ[ᐅ]=ˉ.ˍ(ˉ.ˉ) ˉ[ᐃ]=ˉ.ˍ(ˉ.ˉ) ˉ[ᐁ]=ˉ.ˍ(ˉ.ˉ) ǀ=ᐃ ǁ=ˍ[ǀ] setInterval('ǂ(ǀ,ǁ)',10);